Today we want to share with you 10 free plugins and scripts that we use in Lemons Bucket and that we believe are essential for daily work.

And there is nothing like having practical, convenient and fast tools to make the day to day easier and the result is exactly what we are looking for.

Below, we are going to briefly describe each one of them, as well as provide you with the download link.

Be sure to read on!

1. Relink bitmaps

A wonderful tool that you can’t miss!

This is a bitmap/proxy collector of the scene.

Totally essential and much faster and more comfortable than 3dsmax’s own asset tracking.

You can find it here.

2. Copitor

This script basically performs the action of copying and pasting elements between scenes.

Its strong point is that it speeds up the workflow and, moreover, it is very easy to use.

All advantages you will find in this link.

3. Benzie Isolation selection improved

We continue with a script whose main utility is to isolate objects.

It works better than 3dsmax’s own “isolation”, we use it constantly!

Download it here.

4. Isolate by material

Nothing more and nothing less than another script to isolate objects but, in this case, by materials.

A must-have that you will find in this download link.

5. Sergoscripts – 3PointRotate y 3PointScale

Very fast and effective!

It is used to perform rotation and scale with reference.

Many times we import scenes, objects or scenes from clients or anywhere that are not aligned as we want or have another scale totally different.

These scripts work like “scale” and “rotate” with Autocad reference.

Download it here!

6. Soulbournscripts PivotPlacercenter – pivotplacerexpertmode

Soulbournscripts is a famous compilation of scripts that I’m sure many of you know.

We like to use these in particular.

The Pivotplacecenter, as its name says, places the pivot of the object in its center.

This we use it when we detach some element and we want to relocate its pivot and that it does not continue using the previous one.

With pivotplacerexpertmode, on the other side, we can place the pivot at any point in the quadrant indicated by the graph.

Both are very practical for daily work.

Find them here.

7. Populate Terrain

This tool will help you to create and optimize terrain surfaces from contour lines or existing meshes.

Very useful to improve the mesh of terrains imported from other programs (Rhino/sketchup…) and to create paths and surfaces on them from splines created by us.

Here you can download it.

8. Sinisoftware- forensic

I don’t know how we could live without this plugin!

Those huge scenes that clients send us in Autocad/Rhino/Revit that we couldn’t move…well, this plugin, with just a click of a button, looks for all those Autocad elements that we have left over in 3dsmax (splines/helpers/Cad blocks…) and we can delete them.

It’s that easy!

It lightens in an instant the scene and, above all, saves you hours of work cleaning it up quickly.

A must have that you will find here.

(You have to register and download the program that comes in a pack with other paid plugins, but to use the forensic you don’t have to pay).

9. MB Resource Collector

This tool will collect all the assets used in the scene (maps/hdris/proxies…) in the folder of your choice.

10. Berconmaps

Finally, this plugin is very useful forcreating tile and wood parquet textures.

And nothing better than a tutorial by Adam Martin to learn how to use it!

Download it here.

We hope you found all this information useful and that it helps you in your daily work!

On our website and social networks you will find our work and more useful information like this that we love to share with you.

Have a nice day!

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