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Karina Ponce, architect, CG Artist and one of the members of Lemons Buckets attended School-ing last June 3rd.

School-ing is a school that seeks to bring the reality of the professional market to the classroom and offer tools so that students can develop their artistic and creative potential in the world of archviz. Recently it was the number 1 school for Architectural Visualization in 2021 in The Rookies. These are the prestigious awards for young creatives in visual effects, animation, games, virtual reality, motion graphics and 3d visualisation, which several of its students have also won. Do you want to know more about these awards? Stay tuned to our publications this month!

A day to remember at School-ing

The day began at 10 am for the students of the Professional Course in Architectural Visualisationin which they were able to express all kinds of doubts to Karina. Her commitment to creativity and her critical and careful profile have led her to become a Rookies Jury member on more than one occasion and have also led her to collaborate for the second year in these talks at School-ing.

Karina always looks for delicacy, harmony and taste in her images, but always being aware that her work has to be in balance with her personal life. This is one of the many pieces of advice she has given to the students: don’t succumb to long working days and go out there to find the inspiration to be better professionals.

<<The things that inspire us are not usually in a 3D model or in a PSB and, for this reason, it is necessary to escape from non-stop working days and look beyond our screen.>>

We are sure that this will not be our last visit to the school-ing, where we share the same philosophy and of which we are in contact with many of the professionals who built the school and who are also friends and a reference in the sector. In addition, many of his students are regular contributors to Lemons Buckets.

Didn’t you know the school? Don’t miss their website and the incredible work of their students!

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