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Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) marks its latest milestone in the construction of the development of this Jakarta neighbourhood.

Want to know more about this beautiful project we were honoured to be a part of?

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Luminary and Autograph, Jakarta’s first pair of supertalls

These are two towers that demonstrate the cultural and commercial vigor of the fourth most populous city on the planet. Both are more than 300 meters high and have become Jakarta’s first pair of supertalls.

In addition, Autograph Tower has become the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere, reaching 383 meters in height and surpassing the Empire State Building in New York.

Mixed use for all tastes and needs

The KPF towers, in addition to blending into and complementing the surrounding urban fabric, enhance the development of Thamrin Nine through their mixed-use base.

They integrate public and private functions encompassing work, sports, education, health and leisure areas.

Hotels, offices, restaurants and even cinemas are part of this now iconic gateway to Jakarta’s historic district, while the roofs of both towers invite the public to enjoy unparalleled views of the city. 

This prestigious project, in addition to drawing a new and innovative skyline and occupying a prime location in the city, expands KPF’s presence in Jakarta, adding to its portfolio of supertall towers and complex, integrated and mixed-use developments around the world.

“Jakarta has long been one of our favorite places to work,” said Peter Gross, CEO of KPF. “Over 30 years and numerous projects, we have been able to design buildings that interact and respond to Jakarta’s unique architectural character. With the recently completed Sequis Tower, and now the outstanding Autograph Tower, we are honored to have been able to contribute to the city’s urban life and skyline.”

Thamrin Nine, a sustainable design

In terms of sustainability, this project is no slouch.

On the one hand, it is strategically located to achieve energy efficiency and sustainable design.

On the other hand, with the introduction of green walls, vegetation on the rooftops and along the public promenade, it integrates nature in an exquisite and balanced manner.

In addition, the high-performance glass along with the tower walls, which feature a linear façade design, provides shading to the interiors producing an overall ETTV value of less than 40 watts/m2.

“It has been very exciting to have been involved in the formation of the towers at Thamrin Nine and we couldn’t be prouder to reach this important milestone,” said Robert Whitlock, KPF design director.

Lemons Bucket with Thamrin Nine

As we explained in another blog article for this project we used a lot of Matte Painting. We use photography as a resource that helps us to complement the project, in this case everything that is urban environment, highway, buildings outside the project and sky. We have the project in 3D but modelling the whole environment would take up a lot of time and would not be as realistic as the high quality photos that the client gave us. Obviously we have to make sure that everything fits well in our scene (lighting, shadows, scale…).

But the most difficult part of this project was to convert this image in which we had to fit the project and go from day lighting to night lighting. We leave you a video in the following link so that you can see how the process went.

We hope this project has stimulated your senses as much as it stimulates ours.

A work of art of which you can find more information here.

And if you want to see our work or learn more about us, feel free to visit our website and social networks!

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